Based in the city of Tucson, Arizona, student composer Jaime Bennington is always hard at work with his fellow students and colleagues, in the encouragement and creation of exciting film. When he is not busy composing, with a method that is steeped in the tradition and history at the heart of these films.  Jaime spends his time writing screenplays and other literature that  accentuate his love for storytelling.

His most recent compositional works are for the short films “Jet Privado” and “The Locker Room Mascot Massacre”, the former of which won Best Film at the annual Campus Movie Festival in the winter of 2015, where he and his team competed against over fifty contestant groups. The latter was written in the memory of the film trend “Noir” present from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s. Presenting Jaime with the opportunity to explore an era previously buried in the past allowing him to experiment with tone and ensemble. Resulting in a score, who’s ensemble consisted only of dual pianos, both of which were both performed by the composer himself. His most current screenwriting credits are a science fiction feature film entitled, “Semda,” co-writer of a short form comedy sketch serial, “In the Life of…,” and a submission to the Campus Movie Festival, 2016, “White Room.”

Photography by River Demson

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